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Hello, founder here,

I'm sorry I haven't been very active recently - the stuff going on behind the scenes is a little sluggish but it's going as well as it can. I've been incredibly busy with studies at school because I have GCSE's coming up, but I'm still trying to check dA as often as I can.

Just to clear up some issues, pieces of art submitted to the featured folder will not be accepted
This is not because they are not good enough or I can't be bothered, it is because we at Beautiful-Literature try to keep things as organised as possible. Please remember to select the appropriate folder when submitting a piece of artwork/written work.

If anyone has any questions regarding the group or possible ideas for competitions, please either comment on this journal, or feel free to note me. I'm not promising to be online and active every day, because as I said, I'm really busy.

Thank you all for your continuing commitment and support to the group.


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Submitted on
December 2, 2012


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